19 févr. 2012

New website

My blog turn to a website :
Mon blog devient au site :

10 nov. 2011

French Touch

Direction & animation by: Rémy Busson
Illustration by: Almasty (almasty.com)
Client: The French Forum (thefrenchforum.fr)
Agency: Elegangz (elegangz.com)           

28 juin 2011


I recently did the compositing of the new supinfocom short movie
"Wanted melody" from Paul JAULMES, Boris CROISE and Guillaume CUNIS

There are some before/after compositing
For more informations :

28 mai 2011


Trying to get some color moods

26 mai 2011

Hairy bear

Photo stereo

Inside supinfocom.

17 mai 2011


Some pictures from the shot movie "Hellville" that i co-directed 
with Laurent Durieux and 7 classmates.
The main challenge was to make Laurent's illustrations coming to life.
Diffusion in June on TV.


I took part of the preparation of the concert background for the group Shakaponk.
It's means compositing & motion design.

Internship Partizan

Some work from my internship at Partizan Paris.

Advertising for FDJ Euromillion.
I was compositor for some shots of the video.

 I made a concert room from photo references and had to make a quick mood test.

Photo reference for the shape :
Animatic using particles :

Advertising for Carambar.
I just did the packshot at the end (motion design).

I also made a 3D packshot for Unilerver Pond's advertising.
3D & compositing for this shot.

20 nov. 2010

Fugu sushi

Fugu sushi using 3ds max and Vray rendering

TV works

Some projects I worked during my summer.

I especially worked a lot on this shot :

I worked on a video background for a private concert in VIP room Paris :

Jazz & Fly

The final movie.

Makign off "Jazz and Fly"

Making off my movie "Jazz and Fly"

Grow up

The movie flyer : 


And a single rendered frame :


Final character modeling :


Face morphers :

Home-made dancing-spider rig :


I puted some colors on "Naïade"'s drawing.

Digital painting

Movie work in progress

Some actings :


Some story boards :

Some details :

Modelsheet :

Object details :

Rendering test :

Spider turn :

2009 showreel

My 2009 showreel about some school works.

Animation test

Pencil animation line test

The spider project

Extract from my animation movie project

Some colors :

Some timings :

Some pictures :

Some character design and acting :


3D hands


Animation movie concept


A logo for an university

3D car

The classic 3D car


Arles, 2009

Violence on TV

I did this ad about TV violence.

The book project

Still pastel

Pastel still-life drawing